Classes are held Monday evenings, 6:30 PM to 7:50 PM for grades K-8, from September through May. Our parish provides classes for children of all abilities. Children with cognitive, sensory, physical, or social disabilities are welcome to attend our PREP classes.

PREP 2021-2022 Registration Form

O.C.F. COVID-19 Waiver Form

Note for 2021-2022 School Year

We are strongly encouraging in-person catechesis this year, especially for children who will receive the Sacraments, as we are seeking to lead our children to a personal relationship with Christ, which is best communicated in-person.  We will do all that we can to provide a safe and healthy environment, including cleaning/sanitizing before and after classes; mask wearing by all students, catechists, and staff; social distancing; ventilation; etc.

However, we also recognize that due to the pandemic, there will be some families who would prefer to have their child learn at home, so we will provide that option as well.  For children receiving catechesis at home, parental involvement is paramount, to help introduce the children to the community of faith and also to help them with the learning requirements.

The at-home option this year for Non-Sacrament Levels will include the virtual edition of our new textbook series: Sophia Institute for Teachers, as well as periodic interaction with the Coordinator of Religious Education either via video conferencing or in-person.

For Sacramental Levels, there will be some in-person requirements, i.e. interview with the pastor, retreats, rehearsals, and the reception of the Sacraments.  However, in place of the regular in-person instruction there will also be an option for online-instruction, either using Sophia Institute Virtual (First Penance and First Holy Communion) or another online platform (Confirmation).  Periodic interaction with the Coordinator of Religious Education either via video conferencing or in-person will also be part of the program requirements.

In this ever-changing world, there will be an option for parents to change to and from in-person instruction.  However, for Level Two (First Penance and First Holy Communion), this option will be more limited, due to the different catechetical programs being used in-person and at-home.